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Cover artwork by Scott Ewalt

Cover artwork by Scott Ewalt

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January 6 - 27, 2007

WOMANIZER was a group exhibition of dangerous females, featuring Julie Atlas Muz, Kembra Pfahler, E.V. Day, Breyer P-Orridge, Vaginal Crème Davis, and Bambi. These artists utilize various media for their confrontational, edgy exploits but all share a background in cutting-edge performance. This exhibition featured not only performance, but also all manner of media to give a truly three-dimensional view of the artists.

Taking on the title WOMANIZER, not in the sense of a womanizing male subject but rather to "ize" with or to saturate with femaleness, this exhibition illustrated the unique vocabulary of these funny, transgressive, beautiful heroines. Horror, hedonism, pandrogyny, and pussies all figured prominently, as these challenging artists showed sculpture, video, photography, and exploring couture.