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Selected Works

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Hand-made flamenco dress and accessories, monofilament, aluminum support rings and hardware
6 x 8 x 6 feet
Commissioned by Sephora


Artist Statement

In Flamenco Tornado, an original flamenco dress is transfixed into a twisting cyclone that represents the force of feminine movement in the traditional Spanish dance. Day envisions flamenco as a performance in which a woman is in complete control, and her use of the red dress in the sculpture is an overt symbol of strength and power. The color of the garment (with its connotations of flames, passion, and sexuality) and its transformative inversion here becomes an abstract representation of the churning, consuming energy of a tornado. The etymology of flamenco, from the Spanish flama, meaning “fire” or “ardor,” suggests the term originated from a desire to convey the fervent passion expressed in flamenco song and dance.