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Artist E.V. Day designated an original creation for the cosmetics empire Sephora, which will be installed in the new store of Meatpacking District in New York. The piece entitled Flamenco Tornado (2011) is the first of a series of projects ordered by multinational Corporation to renowned artists, in which explores female power: passion, energy and women’s sensuality. 


Artist E.V. Day, born 1967 in New York, was chosen to produce the creation, as these aspects are familiar to her. She attracted the attention of the large public and cultural world in 2000, with her large scale reproduction of the Marilyn Monroe’s white dress — as seen in the film Seven Year Itch (1955) — displays by Whitney Museum of American Art during it’s biennale. The artist, who focuses on “clothing based sculptures.” expanded her work since her exhibitions at numerous galleries, shows as well as famous cultural institutions. In 2009, she recreated and hung twelve opera colossal-sized costumes at Lincoln Center in New York.


In her installation Flamenco Tornado, she adapted the Spanish emblematic dance costume, which gracefully portrays feminism and sensuality. A huge dress of 1.8m x 2.5m is hung in the air by transparent threads, showing off the frills of the iconic dress. In its twisted position, the dress seems to be floating on the ground towards the spectator as “an abstract reproduction of the all consuming and swirling energy of a tornado.”