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Selected Works

Selected Works Thumbnails

Cross Section of Head On Collision

Cross Section of Hugh Hefner's Digestive System

3 Mile High Club Proliferation, Stage II

3 Mile High Club Proliferation, Stage III

3 Mile High Club Metastasis

Metastatic Rupture


Series of 6 blueprints, Edition of 8
24 x 18 inches, each

Artist Statement

It is as though we are looking through a microscope at the production of pleasure on a biological level. Based on the floor plans of Hefner's private jet, originally built in the late 1960's, these blueprint drawings resemble a cross-section of a living cell or organism. The dissections of Hefner's architectural world, this airborne pleasure palace show likenesses between the anatomy of the vehicle and that of the pilot and his passengers. Each drawing in the series represents a stage of development wherein the interior components of this micro-organism propagate and proliferate into variable possibilities of an orgiastic macro-colony.