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Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria: 25 Years - Publications - E.V. Day

For twenty-five years the Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria has occupied an entirely unique niche within the New York art world. Operating under the aegis of the Whitney Museum of American Art and funded by Altria Group, Inc., Whitney at Altria has enjoyed great programmatic freedom and presented exciting new work, always free to the public. Its commissioned exhibitions, annual performance series (dance, theater, and music), and innovative public programming have supported cutting-edge projects by numerous contemporary artists and performers, no small number of whom have gone on to become major art world figures.

This anthology celebrates the fascinating history of the Whitney at Altria and for the first time plumbs the archives―photographs of exhibitions and performances and museum brochures published for each event―to provide a record of this incomparable museum and its contributions to contemporary art.