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E.V.Day Photographed by Bobby Fisher at her studio © Bobby Fisher 2012

In the summer of 2010 E.V. Day was invited as artist-in-residence at Monet’s estate in Giverny, France. Her collaboration there with performance artist Kembra Pfahler, (of the band The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black) is the focus of an exhibition that constructs a faux Giverny-like habitat at the Hole gallery in NYC.

A hot pink nude Kembra Pfahler, evil Barbie incarnate, appears as a toxic garden-nymph clashing with Monet’s manufactured serenity – and yet lives in harmonic tension with its Edensque backdrop: Like fleurs de mal, Kembra sits poised on the bridge, waiting bait, much like the garden’s radiant blooms that seduce pollinators with vivid sexual displays.

While at the Giverny estate, the artist collected and dried some of the more spectacular flower specimens, exposing their bio-symmetries and vulvic plumbing.

Bobby Fisher photographed E.V. Day at her Brooklyn studio spotlighting some of the artist’s ongoing projects, including her mummified Barbie series in which she wraps the dolls into totemic artifacts, referencing current cultural obsessions in preserving and fetishizing female beauty while creating a link to archeological Venus figurines of the past.