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Bursting onto the New York art scene, Day installed a midair collision of fuck-doll shards in "Greater New York" and constructed an equally explosive Bombshell (based on Marilyn's billowing skirt) in the Whitney Biennial. Now those two works from her "Exploded Couture" series are followed by "Transporter," a beam-me-up-Scotty funnel of silver sequins and glowing threads with an infinite vertical reflection that ricochets between two mirror disks. Its core is a deconstructed Stephen Sprouse gown that hasn't quite been blasted to smithereens. Wispy "Celestial Pelvises" with vaginal curlicues dangle close by. "It's like a Giacometti," said one viewer. THROUGH JUNE 3, Henry Urbach Architecture, 526 West 26th Street, 627-0974. (Levin)