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The Hole is New York’s latest art gallery. Founded by Kathy Grayson, the former director at the Deitch Projects. the new art spot on Bowery is a great new hub for experimental exhibitions. One such installation is the Claude Monet tribute, Giverny, by E.V. Day and Kembra Pfahler.

The project is a remake of the lush gardens that were the inspiration for the French painter’s famous lily pad paintings. Day adds a new twist to Monet’s gardens by displaying photographs of Pfahler in large black boots and full pink body paint. Funded by, the exhibit is a melding of classic and neo styles, taking the picturesque beauty of monet’s paintings and mixing it with a modernist sexual rawness evoked by Pfahler’s painted body. The idea for this juxtaposition was inspired by E.V. Day’s visit to Monet’s Giverny estate, an area that remains maintained to keep the same look it had when the painter first took his brush to canvas. Wanting to display the contrast between this well kept artifact and the modern world around it, so was conceived the Giverny exhibition.

Giverny will be on display until April 24th, and is currently the star attraction at The Hole/. Its beautiful blending of nature and the flesh will be a most unique variation on Bowery.