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“Shazam” and “Double Black Hole” are two “fishnet bodysuit embossings” produced on photophorescent cotton-based sheet by artist ( E.V. Day. I am on a mission to determine what that is. 

I have described the CTRL+P Exhibit as one of the best to have graced our gallery space here in Arlington Virgina and I mean it. E. V. Day provides an example of exceptional work and high creativity. 

She has been described as a New York-based installation artist and sculptor exploring feminism and sexuality while reflecting on pop culture. Given her contribution to CTRL+P one must add printmaker to her artistic talent. As for the “feminism and sexuality” part, I would just say, how 80’s. 

What makes this work a standout is the aesthetic achieved from unique materials and skill in using them. 

Day received her MFA in Sculpture from Yale University in 1995. 

I like including photos and portraits of artists with their work, so I made slide show of the art. Also, posted as a picture is “Portrait of E.V. Day,” Pencil on paper by artist Phong Bui. 

Photophorescent material: 

“A cover in the form of a blanket has a protective grid of phosphorescent material that when exposed to light and placed in a dark environment emits light for a period of time. The protective grid is a pattern of intersecting ribbons of photophorescent material anchored to and covering substantially one surface of a fabric. The protective grid provides a visual light shield that creates an image of protection and is useable for amusement and entertainment.” (http://www.prior- 

CTRL+P Exhibit Now until September 16th 

Arlington Arts Center (