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Selected Works

Selected Works Thumbnails

Untitled, 2005, Abalone, raccoon jaw and tongue with mother of pearl and resin.

Open Clam with Freshwater Pearl, 2004

Clam shell, silicone tongue, freshwater pearl, and resin

Low Tide Transfer, 2005

Clams with Mink and Coyote Tongues and Fresh Water Pearl

Tongue Tied 2, 2008

Silicone tongues, nickel-plated rings and chain, wood panel

17h x 14 1/2w x 7d in

Tongue Tied 1, 2008

Silicone tongues, acrylic ball, nickel-plated ring and chain, and wood panel

12h x 9w x 5 1/2d in

Pearl Diver, 2004

Thong, silicone tongues, imitation pearls, blow glass sphere, resin

Flirting with Fertility, 2004

Resin, taxidermy model tongues, and chicken egg

9h x 5 1/2w x 3 1/2d in

Double Stuff, 2006

Silicone rubber, raccoon and mink tongues, clam shell

8h x 8w x 11d in

Doublestuff Bell Jar, 2006

Silicone rubber, raccoon and mink tongues, clam shell, fresh water pearl, and resin on wood base with glass bell jar

8h x 8w x 11d in