Copyright 2011

Cellular Communion

Series of 3 etchings, Edition of 25
Published by Carolina Nitsch Contemporary Art
20 x 24 inches, each

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Artist Statement

'Cellular Communion' is a set of three etchings, entitled: "Mobile Mastury," "Double Fisted-Twin Towers," and "Spit Bite." Collectively, these images play with the visceral sexuality of mobile phone-based telecommunications. These sexualized images of handling cell phones are etched to resemble blue prints in the traditional architectural rendering format. With a blueprint, an architect links technology with the organic to map the human body moving through time and space. With these etchings, I have attempted to do the same kind of thing - to create a kind of 'flow chart' depicting arrested chemical reactions occurring in the human body whilst experiencing sexual desire. Think of these blueprints as two-dimensional orchestration of orgasms, as a freeze-frames of pheromones. These are sexualized graphic depictions of the compulsive dependence on mobile phones. The cell phone is a portable warm spot that won't say 'no.' Spread it open and stroke it, nuzzle it, and receive immediate gratification. Don't forget to recharge the battery.

"Mobile Mastury"

Creating dependence, these 'instant fix' hand held gadgets of convenience simultaneously promise instant access and destroy anticipation. Think of the specific kind of desire that occurs while apart from one's mate. The yearning that is a part of traveling to a date. Technology has shoved aside the possibility for the ambulatory anticipation by indulging the dialer with the knee-jerk reaction to make contact while traveling to the prearranged meeting place.

"Double Fisted Twin Towers"

What does the negative space in the New York Skyline contain? Invisible, murmuring microwaves beaming up into space, bouncing off satellites to return to the eager ear canal. This image describes the distortion of two groping hands stretched until the form of the basic cell phone reaches the elongated proportion of the World Trade Towers.

"Spit Bite"

'Spit Bite' is a technique used to create tonal qualities in the etching process, and also functions here as a descriptive double entendre. In this image, the cell phone's key pad is an arrangement of taste buds. To swallow ones tongue in the figurative sense is to hold back emotion. On the other hand, to indulge in the act of relaxing the throat canal during fellatio is succumbing to desire.