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Sweet Heat, 2006

8 speakers, motion sensor, cat purr recording PS1/MOMA, Boiler Room; Long Island City, New York

The inviting sound of purring is transformed by speeding up the sound levels into an automotive vehicle's roar.

Visual spectacle, transformation of female apparel into weaponry, Feminine tactics of seduction, demystifying, playful, passive-aggressive, Pat the kitty and it may bite your hand, purrs like a kitten and peels out like a muscle car, engine of feminine seduction, she is not just there for the patting, never underestimate the fierceness of a kitty who is also sweet and inviting to touch. Boiler room, the engine of a building(PS1), secret place(not normally available to public,clandestine, trespassing, comfort of a purring cat, exudes happiness, comfort and safety(womb like protection) camouflage of seduction. Feminine wile. Sexual stereotypes transform over determined female clothing, dresses and lingerie. Propulsion, explosion, velocity, forward, acceleration, transcendence, “G-Force” plays on the extreme speed implied by the thong stretched into a fighter jet. Representing the moment of transportation, take off, emotional exuberance. “I place the female subject in my work in control of her extrication from the restraints of convention with propulsion toward autonomy. Pleasure as part of the process, from purr to peel out, acceleration is sexy too. Exhilarating. Lingerie is the lure, as a purr can be a lure to touch.

Wedding dresses that looks like bombs exploded them from the inside. A wetsuit clinically dissected and held aloft by a terrifying matrix of taut surgical wires. A red thong drenched in crystalline resin with a chicken egg, itself encased in resin, dangling from the g-string’s skinny crotch. There are certain attendant expectations accompanying E.V. Day’s work, and most of them return to how she uses simple sculptural materials to turn objects into carriers of fetish, transporters of desire. But what’s an E.V. Day piece where there’s nothing to see?

Sweet Heat Day’s new installation in PS1’s damp, dim boiler room is her initial foray into sound art. Triggered by motion sensors, the purring chorus of an invisible feline army is activated when visitors enter the menacing basement-level space. Purring, that distinct signifier of pleasure, contentedness, and desire, here acquires undertones of primal threat through its multiplication and amplification. Lusty and beckoning as it may be, the enveloping din of Day’s armada delivers an unmistakable aural missive: you are now out of your element.