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Chanel / Shazam, 2006/08

Vintage Chanel suit, monofilament, chain, turnbuckles, convex mirror and steel frame.
12’ x 11’3” x 4’

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Chanel Shazam Sculpture

The Chanel Shazam Sculpture marks the first time E.V. Day designed an exploded couture piece with a living woman as inspiration and
collaborator. Fittingly, the woman who embodies and activates the
energy of the couture explosion is Kembra Pfahler: performance artist,
rock star, philosopher and cult hero in the downtown New York scene.
Using the iconic Chanel design, monofilament, wire, tackle and an
industrial metal frame, Day’s sculpture at once captures a cinematic
freeze frame moment before total destruction, as well as suggesting
the activation of a powerful feminine transformative force.

Chanel Shazam 1

E.V. Day’s Chanel Shazam 1 depicts Kembra Pfahler coolly composed in a
Chanel Power Suit in a clinical white austere setting that brings to
mind a traditional art gallery. In the photograph, Pfahler stiffly
reaches to touch another of Day’s exploded couture sculptures, the
Bridal Supernova. The control and tension in the image is palpable;
the delicate explosion of the Bridal Supernova serves as a precursor
for the transcendental experience of the Chanel Shazam 2.

Chanel Shazam 2

Using the Chanel Shazam Sculpture as a stage, E.V. Day’s Chanel Shazam
2 photograph captures Kembra Pfahler, the cobalt blue lead singer of
the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, in full manifestation as
futurist rock goddess. Pfahler's naked superwoman energy embodies the
impulse and energy of Day’s couture explosions, suggesting her
avant-guard energy literally explodes the conservative garment off her