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Transporter, 2000

Stephen Sprouse silver sequin dress
from his 1999 "Mars" collection
with monofilament,
turnbuckles and mirrored disks
132 x 48 x 48
Gift of the Heather and Tony Podesta Collection
Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC

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Transporter is the third in a series of Installation pieces entitled "Exploding Couture," 1999 - 2002. This piece was inspired and made mainly from a silver sequined dress created by punk designer Stephen Sprouse, from his "Mars" collection, 1999. The sparkling evening gown is suspended between two mirrorized stainless steel disks and stretched taught by hundreds of monofilaments and turn buckles. The diva garment physically breaks up at both vertical poles with individual sequins popping off.

Transporter is made to transport her. The sequined skin of the diva is suspended off the floor and the ceiling between two disks of reflective steel creating an infinity mirror as a portal of escape. As in science fiction's Star Trek, this female form is just at the transitional moment before her iconic figure to dissolve into particles of reflective light like static electricity and transcend to an exotic dimension.