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Bridal Supernova, 2006

Barbie bridal gown and accessories,
monofilament, fishing tackle, steel cage and stand
82 x 42 x 42 inches
Edition of 3
Published by Carolina Nitsch

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Artist Statement

Bridal Supernova is a humorous outburst and response to the commercial conventions of Bridal culture. This miniature bridal gown was custom hand stitched for a Barbie doll, representing hours of laborious detail and in turn is deconstructed with the same intensity of purpose. In this work the satin, lace, tulle and sequins are reconstituted with fishing tackle and hardware into the image of an exploding star.

Day employs aggressive modernist style with punk attitude in 3 dimensions to create a futuristic vision where the rigid stereotype of a “bride” is suspended into a stop-action moment of a “supernova”.

This is the first piece in a body of work that involves bridal culture.