Flesh for Fantasy, 1999

Four blowup lovedolls and stainless steel surgical wire

"Flesh for Fantasy," titled after a Billy Idol song, is a suspended explosion of four "Blow-up dolls." It is a bit about blowing up an over-inflated icon. The pink vinyl flesh of two girls and two boys is shredded into fragments of varying degrees of recognition and strewn through out a room into what I hope will be an explosive orgy. The fragments are hung with stainless steel steel surgical wire, normally used for stitching human bones. The wires are connected to turn buckles in a heart shaped configuration in the floor, and shoot out chaotically to the ceiling. The turn buckles help to adjust the tension on the wires while visually reinforcing their connection to the architecture. "Flesh for Fantasy" is situated in a room with four entrances that allows the viewer to pass through and around the installation from all directions.