Waterlily Transporter-Six Stages, 2014

Laser etched,
hand tinted plexiglass,
in 6 sections,
in custom display.
24 x 10.5 x 65 inches
Edition of 5 variants (pigmented and clear)
Published by Carolina Nitsch Contemporary Art, NYC

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Artist Statement

Waterlily Transporter-6 Stages is a hand-pigmented laser etching in acrylic of a waterlily from French impressionist painter Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny. I spent three months in 2010 as the Munn Artist-in-Residence at The Claude Monet Foundation and during this summer, I had a key to Monet’s garden and spent time at his pond contemplating how I might preserve one of his perfect waterlilies and bring it home. In order to do just this, I rendered a 3-Dimensional model from one of the flowers using a program that produces voluptuous curves in wire frame (analogous to the way fishnet stocking articulates dimension when pulled, an element I continue to explore in my work). The process of transporting the waterlily is captured here, in 6 stages, like thread in resin.