Waterlily Transporter - Two Stages, 2014

hand-tinted Plexiglass,
in two sections,
in wood frame.
18.5 x 30.25 x 1.75 inches

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Artist Statement

Waterlily Transporter - Two Stages (2014) is a hand-pigmented laser-etching depicting a water lily from French impressionist painter Claude Monet’s garden. During the Summer of 2010, as artist-in-residence at the Claude Monet Foundation, I was given a key to his iconic Japanese garden. I spent time by the pond contemplating how I might capture and preserve one of his waterlilies to bring it home. Using a digitizing program that reproduced the flower’s voluptuous curves in “wireframe”—similar to the way fishnet-stocking articulates dimension when stretched (an effect I continue to explore in my work)—I ended up rendering a three-dimensional model from a perfect specimen of the flower. I then separated the digital drawing into two individual topographic layers and laser-etched each design onto its own sheet of Plexiglass that was then hand-tinted in pink acrylic. When the two sheets of plexiglass precisely align one behind the other, the renderings coalesce into a single, stylized image of the water lily, which appears to be magically suspended in three-dimensional space, like thread in resin.