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Site Specific installation at the Tang Museum within ENERGY FIELD, by Liz Collins.
Steel frame, fishnet body suits,
elastic cords and hardware.
75 x 295 x 4 inches
Tang Museum at Skidmore College

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Artist Statement

E.V. Day's Perpetual Motion, is a site-specific work composed of seven fishnet body suits stretched across the mezzanine window, and is a response to the June 12 tragedy in Orlando, Florida.
Day uses elastic cords trussed to an industrial frame that pull the fishnet fabric at precise points, articulating seven dancing figures. Among Day’s references in this commentary on issues of visibility and the gender spectrum are Ernie Barnes’ 1976 painting Sugar Shack (and its themes of exclusion), the wire-frame modeling that articulates three-dimensional forms in two dimensions, and the defiance of bodies in motion.