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Exploding Couture, 1999-2002

Some people put their old dresses in storage; artist E.V. Day blows them up. In her continuing installation series,
called "Exploding Couture," Day creates the impression, just as the name suggests, that viewers are looking at a
dress in mid explosion. Using an elaborate system composed of suspended monofilaments, Day sustains an
imaginary moment in time just after a taffeta ballgown has exploded, creating the impression that hundreds of
pieces of the dress -- from sequins to tattered tulle -- are being propelled outward by the force of the blast. "It's not
a pice about someone violently destroying a dress," says Day, "but rather something orgasmic -- a celebratory
expansion of energy." Artist Charles Beyer likens the energy of the work to Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Teresa because,
he says, it mimics a preserved moment of rapture.

-Richard Pandiscio for Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine, September 1999